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A word about courtesy



I once reblogged a piece of art by a well-known fan artist, something that had tens of thousands of notes on it, and, sick with envy, said that I wished she would just stop. She reblogged it and said, “You know I can see all the comments people make to my art, right? Even if you delete it later.” And even though it should have been really, stupidly obvious, it was kind of a revelation when she said it, and I was mortified and ashamed.

When you make a comment on someone’s work, they will see that. Every single one. Think about what you say before you say it. Is this something you really want to say? Is this something you would say to the OP’s face? Is this something you want them to associate you with for the rest of your online career? Is this something that will make you look like a fuckin’ jerk, and if so, are you okay with that? (If you are okay with lookin’ like a fuckin’ jerk, what’s the matter with you?)

So just think about the stuff you say, carefully, before you say it. Take a second to picture the person who’s going to read that comment. You don’t have to be some namby-pamby Polyanna, just be courteous and compassionate.




whiterun shenanigans

get it daddeh 


A Compilation Video of Tiny Puppies Learning to Howl


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Dear Miqo’te Players

I love you. If you have commissioned me to draw your cutie patootie kitty, when including images for reference, I need to see the booty! 

(AKA — I get really flustered when I don’t know what style tails y’all have! ;A;)

rydiamist-ffxiv asked: // What seirye said. If you can, go back to the place you got your glasses and explain what's going on. A day or so of blurry vision is expected, but this sounds like something is wrong with the prescription =/


I broke down and had a long talk with my mom about this, because it’s been bothering me for a few days (I’ll have had these new glasses a full 7 days tomorrow) and my mother has agreed to accompany me back to the office where I got these glasses to see what we can do about them. x.x/ 

My first day with the new glasses wasn’t bad, there was a tiny strain but I could see clearly. The next day after sleep it took a full 3-4 hours for my eyes to adjust (and that’s with more than sitting in front of the computer, I went out and did things!)

It always seems to be the roughest within that first 3-4 hours I’m awake and the optical migraines really hit me hard. The last time I had optical migraines the specialist I had to see told me it could be allergies but I don’t think that’s the problem this time. I’ve been taking my allergy medication daily and my eyes/head still hurt. So I’m pretty sure it’s the glasses since this didn’t start to really be a huge issue until after getting the new glasses.

Thing is… the doctor told me that my Rx didn’t change, but suddenly I need progressive lenses???? And my original issue was seeing things far away and blurred vision of things at a distance. So they asked me if I could see up close and I can and they were like “Surely to correct your distance vision we’ll focus on what you can see up close.” Which makes me ???

idk… it will be brought up tomorrow x.x/ I’m gonna get it fixed b/c I can’t function like this.

Describe my OC to me


…like to a total stranger. Be as short or as descriptive as you want. Im just curious how you guys see it

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