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Many of the players of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have taken part in their own virtual Pride Parade following the decision by Square Enix to finally allow gay marriage as part of the game.

During E3 and the Patch 2.4 announcement, it was revealed that not only would their be two new classes coming to Eorzea, but it would be made possible for two characters to marry regardless of race or gender. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s Producer had only one thing to say about it: "Why should there be restrictions on who pledges their love or friendship to each other? And so we decided to go this way.

It was the Rough Trade Gaming Community on the Gilgamesh server who hosted the event, and have created a YouTube video to go with it. The video shows the players marching in a long rainbow line! Each character dressed in a different colour and standing with players of the same colour! Baby chocobos and other little minions follow along too! Green flans and Cactuars plod along in the green section, and fiery bombs light the way as darkness sets in. The whole thing is so wonderfully orchestrated and heart warming!

"Rough Trade Gaming Community (the world’s largest LGBT guild) wanted to provide a video of thanks. We also want to remember Erotes, one of our own players who was tragically murdered in the Calgary stabbings a month before this video took place. Even when tragedy affects our community, there’s still a reason to keep on marchin"

"Pixel Pride" was held in remembrance of their friend, and also as a celebration for the decision to allow same-sex marriage. I suspect that Eorzea will be a very happy place for a long time to come following this decision. It seems like something so small, but it obviously means so much to the citizens of Eorzea!

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bowdownoverdweller said: In The Flesh is a seriously good show, like I hardly watch any TV and I still got pretty into it.

bowdownoverdweller I love it… I’ve just been trying to find the elusive episode 4… bc it’s like… series 2 episode 1? but on the wiki it lists it as that and number 4 and hhhhhhhhh idk I watched 2 episodes into series/season 2 after watching the first 3 episodes of series/season 1 this morning with seirye and yeah! 

The entire concept behind the show is so interesting — which kind of amazes me because anything zombie related usually freaks me out (and I have to take a while to get past my fears over it and warm up to the idea  that this could be entertaining and it won’t hurt me, etc etc) — and to be fair, when Sin linked it to me at first I was a mess and a big baby and skipping ahead past parts i thought might be too gruesome for my personal tastes. But after sleeping and waking up a bit I decided to rewatch it all the way through with no skipping and yeah! Even rewatched episode 2! Watched episode 3 twice this morning with Sin before bed and omg I cried… I cried a lot.

I love Amy.